Late Sh. Pradeep Aggarwal

Late Sh. Pradeep Aggarwal
(Mandir Karta)

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Late Lala Sh. Pradeep Aggarwal, popularly known as “Dilliwale” was blessed to be a KARTA of Mandir Murti Luxmi Narayan from the time he took charge i.e; over 4 decades. In this span of more than 40 years, he took care of every small requirement, be it maintenance or renovating this divine place of worship entirely with whole heart and soul.

Sh. Pradeep Aggarwal, a man with a generous heart, was born in Chandini Chowk, Delhi. He, then, moved to Jagadhri, (Distt. Yamunanagar) at the age of 30. Being a devotee to helping the needy was his strongest trait. As far as caretaking for Mandir was concerned, he ensured an appropriate living shall be given to Pujari Ji and made residence for Pujari Rakesh Bhardwaj Ji within mandir premises so that he can take care of mandir properly and find no obstacle leading a normal living alongside.

For him, being generous to the poor and dedicated to God was all about it. For Mandir maintenance, he didn’t leave any stone unturned. From regular paint to deep cleanings, idol’s poshaks to mukuts, abhushan, and many other such requirements were given complete attention and very well maintained.

Sh. Pradeep Aggarwal always had a special inclination towards the Janmashtami festival and made sure to celebrate it on a large scale with lightings, flower decorations, prasad vitran, maha aarti, and food bhandaras for the poor people. He put his soul to maintain the mandir by giving all his possible efforts and money.

Completing his journey on earth, he left us for his heavenly abode on 19th November 2021. His philosophy, passion, and belief have been a guiding light for many to place their lives on the right path, as his presence continues to inspire the next level of changes. He was a true visionary and will be deeply missed.

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Mandir Murti Luxmi Narayan is devoted to deity worship and charities. All other functions taken place in the temple are all meant to support and encourage the betterment of society. Here, the Mantra of believing in the generous living and being helpful to others is very much adapted in Mandir’s culture.

Although our temple has numerous departments performing different services, the main focus is on deity worship along with prasad distribution, regular aarti, and kirtan of the holy names of the Lord. As wisely said by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita “The wise man lets go of all results, whether good or bad and is focused on the action alone.”

Ours, as caretakers of Mandir, believe to keep helping others and bringing love to all. As change is the law of nature and this holy place is being known for legacy and a bright future altogether and will keep this belief ongoing for ages to come.

Mandir Murti Luxmi Narayan also plays vital role in the sector of Education. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic fact, trust is working hard to help online eduction by giving them online school managemnt software. This will not help only during covid-19 pandemic but also help students in remote locations for distance learning. This online  product is named as “eSchool Pilot” and the link is “www.eschoolpilot.wingdinginfotech.com

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Mandir Murti Luxmi Narayan is devoted towards the deity worship and charities. All other functions carried out in the temple are all meant to support and encourage the betterment and success of the society.